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The Rugby Academy allows athletes to improve their Rugby and individual skills with the best coaches available in a safe, enjoyable and stimulating environment within the best rugby countries in the world. For 2017, 2018 and 2019 we will be running the Rugby Academy in conjunction with important leading rugby schools and clubs based in Ireland, England and New Zealand, considered among the best in the world.

We promote active learning and also the intellectual, physical and social development of the learners with a variety of coaching styles involving both coach centred and athlete centred components/game-based approach.

The Rugby Academy provide each athlete with the best possible coaching staff with the aim to empower the players to reach their full potential via a high quality and inspiring education, considering the age and ability of the players.


Our programme has been created in conjunction with the “long-term player development programme” fostered by World Rugby.

All athletes will learn the essential techniques required to play safely, they will learn and develop new skills and ways to express themselves in a team environment. There will be “humbleness” that comes by working with a group and the “conscientiousness” for the safety and enjoyment of all players involved. We encourage fun and healthy competition.


All participants will be assisted, coached and guided by professional coaches, professional players and well-experienced teachers. Particular emphasis will be placed on the following topics: individual skills and techniques; mini-unit skills and team skills; communication and the ability to make decisions under pressure and perform under the pressure of time, space, and under fatigue and do so consistently.

The Rugby Academy is open to players of various level. The rugby programme maintains the fun aspects of rugby and promotes rugby’s core values: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. Enjoyment will be considered a fundamental aspect of the programme.

We encourage coaches to use a broader range of coaching styles and behaviours at different parts of the Coaching Continuum: Coach centred <=> Athlete centred using a Game-Based Approach (GBA) appropriate to particular situations or circumstances such us types of athletes, age and size groups, with the aim to increasingly raise athletes’ self-awareness, gives them greater responsibility for their own learning and leads to an outcome of increased athlete self-belief.

Age Grade of Play

We ensure that all players are able to enjoy rugby in a safe environment where they can develop their sport, personal and social skills. The programme is for all players aged 6 – 18 in clubs, schools, colleges and within the representative pathway and it incorporates the rules of play, regulation, competition formats and the structure of the season worldwide.

Rugby course contents

Athletes will have more than 25 hours a week of training and interrelated activities which include theoretical lessons, coaching, skills assessments and progressions, developments of the mental strength, intelligence and rugby abilities. Matches or training games will be part of the programme and analysed through video supports when appropriate.


Players 6 to 18 years old 
Ireland, England and New Zealand
2 or more weeks
Host family or Residential Accommodation 

Skills Development Programme

At  The Rugby Academy athletes focus on all aspects of the game and performing skills under pressure.The Rugby Skills Development Programme is designed to develop players, based on the core four skills. 
  1. Catching and Passing or Kicking
  2. Tackling
  3. Support and Evasion
  4. The Breakdown (Defensive and Attacking with individual, mini-unit and team skills assessment and progressive development )

All sessions will have one of these four core skills as its main focus, which will be assessed and developed progressively. Particular emphasis will be placed on the following topics:

  • Communication and the ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Leadership activation; mental strength; tactical intelligence
Additional aspects include (when appropriate):
  • Functional assessment and development
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Game related fitness
  • Strength and conditioning

Players who attend the Rugby Academy will be coached by Top Level coaches, fully DBS checked and first aid trained. Our staff, which includes a full-time physiotherapist, will be looking after players at all other times. They conform to Ireland, England, France and New Zealand’s Rugby Football Union and the World Rugby’s guidance in coaching rugby.

“The game of rugby is a balance between skill and physicality»

«A club should say GET MORE SKILFULL because the easy part is the physical part, the hard part is skill. The skills are so hard to improve: your catch and pass skills… to improve your decision-making is hard…and you‘ve got to spend more time on those areas…the gym part is the easiest part.
It is easier to get fitter and stronger”



Cit. Eddie Jones (England Rugby Coach) at Oxford Union F&Q, Summer 2017

At Play Rugby, we are trying to instil this into players and create athletes that are much more diligent in the skills training.

Watch the full video on our blog.


Players 14 to 23 years old
Ireland, England and New Zealand
2 or more weeks
Host Family or Residential Accommodation 

Hi-Performance Development Programme

The Rugby Academy will provide players and teams with an opportunity to experience a development programme which will be tailored to the team and/or the individual.

The rugby academy programme includes:

  • Technical skill assessment and progressive development
  • Positional play
  • Tactical skill assessment and development
  • Game Management Development & Training analysis through video supports where appropriate
  • Mental Preparation
  • Physical fitness, Strength, Power and Conditioning assessment and development
  • Nutrition Analysis & Planning
  • Access to expert coaching and fitness training
  • Access to top-level coaches and playing facilities
  • Performance analysis, Goal setting, Performance planning
  • Medical and Functional Assessment and support (where and when applicable)
  • Personal Development


Players 15 to 18 years old 
Ireland, England and New Zealand
2 or more weeks
Host Family or Residential Accommodation 

Scrum Academy Programme

The Scrum Academy provides a scrum coaching development programme that include the most current and up to date trends in the game. The programme is delivered by highly qualified & experienced coaches in a professional and engaging manner.

The programme follows a traditional developmental model including the following Key areas :

  • Foundation Blocks
  • Bindings
  • The Power Position
  • Safe Scrumming
Additional aspects include (when appropriate):
  • Scrum coaching
  • Scrum Consultancy
  • Scrum Analysis

We provide a high standard of scrum specific coaching that will increase and improve players and coaches’s scrum knowledge, scrum specific skills and overall qualities and abilities to perform and deliver under pressure.


Our experienced rugby staff have a vast amount of experience in providing top quality coaching to young players. All coaches are fully accredited and qualified by IRFU (Irish Rugby Union), RFU (Rugby Football Union), NZRU (New Zealand Rugby Union). All the coaches have additionally completed World Rugby First Aid in Rugby and Safe Rugby.

Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy departments are present in some particular centres and available to a specific group of athletes.

Sports Facilities

The Academy has excellent world-class training facilities and a wide range of additional sport and recreational facilities to complement the training programme. High-performance gyms and indoor swimming pools are present in some particular centres and available to a specific group of athletes.

Excursions and other Activities

Activities and excursions are an important part of the course in New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe. Please contact us for more details.



At Play Rugby, we promote active learning and also the intellectual, physical and social development of the learners with a variety of coaching styles involving both coach centred and athlete centred components.

THE PLAY RUGBY HOLISTIC APPROACH includes principles of leadership, empowerment, emotional intelligence, athlete learning preferences, Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), game-based approach (GBA) within increasingly V.U.C.A. environments, Inner Game, implicit motor learning and experiential/discovery learning with an authentic respect for each individual willingness to achieve happiness while participating in rugby.


Host Families Students attending Rugby Academy should stay with host families. All our families are inspected and carefully selected by our accommodation officers who maintains regular contact with each host family during a student’s stay. Host families are conveniently located to the colleges and most have many years experience looking after students. 
Accommodation is arranged on a full board basis with packed lunch Monday to Saturday. Students normally share a room with a student of a similar age but of different nationality. Unless specifically requested there is only one student of any particular nationality in each family.
 Students normally travel to classes each day by public transport like bus, suburban train or tram. Living with a host family gives a perspective into a different culture.

College Boarding schools offer an alternative to the “host family” option for students who wish to immerse themselves in the complete school experience. Boarding offers a unique community orientated way of life and suits students who are outgoing, sporty & adaptable. It offers a comprehensive academic and extra curricular environment which serves to develop each student to their full all round potential. The Rugby Academy campus is a self-contained community, which offers to players a degree of independence and freedom to explore whilst providing a safe and secure environment. The well-being of our students is at the heart of our boarding provision. With a generous staff to student ratio, we guarantee round-the-clock care within a happy, well-ordered environment. We encourage staff to cultivate a friendly, lively, family atmosphere to ensure all students feel comfortable, contented and supported while they are away from home.
The College can accommodate residential students on-site, most in comfortable double or triple rooms accommodation. All the accommodation used by Play Rugby players is of extremely high quality. Each bedroom is either situated very close to our modern wash and toilet facilities or, alternatively, has its own en-suite shower room. Each student will have their own wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair.
The catering facilities provide both hot and cold meals and a range of snacks.

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    Rugby is ...

    • Rugby is a different way of living in sacrifice, team work, enjoy, respect and love.

      Guillermo, Spain
    •  Rugby is: sweat, sacrifice, passion, something more than a  simple sport! It turns you into the depths of your soul by helping to survive in everyday life!

      Eric, Italy
    • Sacrificio, Respeto, Humildad y Camaradería.

      Gerardo Cosenza, Argentina
    • Ce jeux m'a appris le respect des autres, les valeurs qui lui sont liée comme le partage, m'a fais découvrir ce qu'était l'amitié et m'a permis de rencontrer de bons copain et des amis. Les exigences de ce sport m'on inculquer des valeurs tels, l'aciduitée, l'exigence le combat... Faisant de moi je le croit une meilleure personne. Le rugby ma parfois procurée des peines et des chagrins, il m'a aussi apporter les plus belle joie et je croix qu'une dès chose qui me procure le plus de plaisir sur cette terre est de disputer un match avec mes partenaires. Ce petit texte est écrit sans prétention, pour illustré le fait que pour moi le rugby est un jeux que je vis passionnément. Il fait partit de moi.

      Martin, France
    • Como mis padres, me enseñó esfuerzo en cada jugada, silencio y respeto a las decisiones arbitrales, trabajo en cada entrenamiento, humildad con tus compañeros y oponentes, honestidad en el juego, respecto a tu capitán y entrenador. Todo esto me ha echo mejor persona y por eso creo que no hay un deporte con tantos valores como el rugby.

      Xoan, Spain