Play Rugby and learn English

New Zealand


The “Rugby and English” programme in New Zealand allow students to improve their English while participating in a specific “Play Rugby and Learn English” training programme.
Learning English as a Second Language through sport activities gives immense benefits to students. It promotes active learning of the language in any environment and also the intellectual, physical and social development of the learners. Our Educational programmes give every students a once-in-a-lifetime ​experience

New Zealand (All Blacks) is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to World Cup wins, with three successes coming in 1987, 2011 and now 2015

English is spoken at a useful level by a quarter of the world population [Quoting: British Council].

Play Rugby and learn English: 2016 dates are now available!


In the classroom, students are encouraged to learn English through a general English course and inspired to discover more about a particular sport like rugby. Conversations in small groups are always promoted by the teachers so students can interact regarding a specific topic. In addition to a classroom-learning environment, students will be educated in the outdoors or at the sport complex. As result students become more familiar with the vocabulary related to the sporting activity selected. In the follow-up period, students will begin their sporting activity.
Athletes are more expressive in using the English Language after the sport activities. They are more confident and motivated than when they were in the classroom. As result there is a better social interaction and a sense of teamwork among classmates and definitely an improvement in the use of the English Language.
The Educational programme in New Zealand provide each athlete with the best possible teaching and coaching staff with the aim to empower the learners to reach their full potential via a high quality and inspiring education.


Our experienced teaching staff are well trained and highly qualified in what they teach. They are up to date with the latest methods in teaching and combine academic excellence with sensitivity and receptiveness to each student’s individual needs, talents and potential.
All teachers are university graduates with qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and are well-respected for their knowledge and professionalism.
The academic and the excellence of teaching method are reviewed, approved and recognised by the Department of Education and Science of the New Zealand Government.
Our experienced rugby staff have a vast amount of experience in providing top quality coaching to young players. All coaches are fully accredited and qualified by the NZRU.


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