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Leinster Rugby 


Leinster Rugby is one of the four professional provincial rugby teams from the island of Ireland. They compete in the Pro12 and the European Rugby Champions Cup. The team represents the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) Leinster Branch, which is one of four primary branches of the IRFU and is responsible for rugby union throughout the geographical Irish province of Leinster.

The province plays primarily in blue and the team crest features a harp within a rugby ball, the harp being taken from the flag of Leinster.


Leinster turned professional along with its fellow Irish provinces in 1995 and has competed in the Pro12 (formerly known as the Celtic League) since it was founded in 2001, having previously competed in the annual Irish interprovincial championship. Leinster “A” competes in the British and Irish Cup. Leinster have four times been PRO12 champions and three times champions of Europe.
On 19 May 2012 Leinster won a record Third European Cup in four years with a 42–14 win over Ulster Rugby in the first final to feature two teams from Ireland. Leinster are currently ranked 1st in the European Rugby Club Rankings.


Players will develop their skills, obtain a greater understanding of game awareness and learn about Leinster rugby core values such as teamwork, commitment, integrity and communication. Emphasis is always placed on other skills which include; passing, evasion, kicking, tackling and contact situations. Players will also gain a greater understanding of the importance of physical fitness.


4 European Titles



1 European Challenge Cup

4 Celtic League / PRO14 Titles

2 British & Irish Cups

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Ireland is an island located to the north-west of continental Europe and has a population of about 4.5 million people. It is a beautiful place with a strong cultural and historical tradition. Visitors often enjoy its beautiful landscape, with its green unspoilt countryside and magnificent coastline and are often amazed by the huge diversity in the Irish landscape. Yes, it does rain but this is partly why Ireland truly is so green and beautiful. Ireland really does have something to offer everybody.

One of the biggest attractions of Ireland is the people themselves. They are famous for their warm welcome, friendly natures and hospitality. Their wiliness to “have a chat” with almost anybody means that students never stop learning and have constant opportunity to practice speaking. Students often form strong friendships and stay in touch with their Irish families long after they return home.


Dublin, the capital city of Ireland has a rich and varied history spanning more than a thousand years. The city and its suburbs have a population of approximately 1.5 million. This means that it has all the advantages of a capital city while still retaining the charm and warmth of a smaller one.

Dublin’s history is clearly marked on every street, from the bullet holes of the 1916 Rising that you can still see on O’Connell Street to the fine Georgian architecture that dates back to the seventeenth century. The city combines a strong sense of history and traditional values with all the excitement and vibrancy of a modern European capital. Dublin also boasts a wide range of parks from the beautiful St. Stephen’s Green in the city centre to the Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest municipal park.

English is the first language in Ireland. In Dublin, it is spoken with a very neutral and easy to understand accent. This makes Ireland one of the most attractive places in the world to study English. Education and the skills of communication have always been highly valued and the country has produced some of the greatest writers in the English Language such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney.

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    • Rugby is a religion!

       Edoardo, Italy

    • Rugby is: life! For my son Daniel (10), this is the most important thing in life and way of life that makes him immensely happy.

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    • Rugby, one of the best way to grow and become a fully accomplished human being: group life, self-esteem and respect!

      Anne, France